„The English Defence League – Successor of the BNP“ (Berlin rechtsaußen, 05.11.2010)

Europäische Vernetzung von rechtspopulistischen und rassistischen Organisationen:

„European Freedom Initiative“ – „Pax Europa“ – „politically incorrect“ - English Defence League (EDL)

By Nick Lowles from Searchlight (UK) for “Berlin rechtsaußen”.

The English Defence League (EDL) is a right wing social movement, organised around the football hooligan network and involved in direct action demonstrations. While it claims to just oppose Islamic extremism it targets the entire Muslim community and its actions deliberately seek to whip up tensions and violence between Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Its protests attracted hardcore fascists and racists and many have resulted in violence against the police and local Asians and it taps into the general Islamophobia within society which is both growing and mainstream.